Hurdles are an inevitable part of our lives. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a student, the CEO of a big corporation or a pastor, there is one sure guarantee: life is full of hurdles and obstacles to overcome. The key is learning how to overcome these hurdles and succeed by finding, getting and staying … In The Zone.

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Engage. Empower. Inspire! Mark, who have overcome extreme adversity, conquered insurmountable obstacles and can engage, re-energize, and motivate your people. Mark is masters at not only creating and igniting, but maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to achieve and succeed within your organization.  Book Mark today  and let hime get your team… In The Zone! More info…


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Over the long term, success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover, remain focused, stay energized, and show up motivated every day; in other words, your ability to Find Get and Stay In The Zone.  Mark will offer one-on-one personal coaching to assit  you getting in the zone! More info..


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Allow Mark to equip your organization with the tools needed to overcome the hurdles of life and turn change and adversity into opportunities by Finding Getting and staying in The Zone. With over 15 years of experience, Mark can help your organization find focus, identify your goals, track your progress, and stay motivated along the way More info….



How would you like to master the art of resiliency, bounce back from disappointments and still succeed? Likewise, living a life of abundance, purpose, and growth that gives you the opportunities to finally accomplish goals and fulfill your purpose?

Dr. Mark Crear has identified how our performance suffers from guilt, lack of sustained energy, and an inability to maintain concentration. Mark’s keynotes, coaching & In The Zone Programs offers successful strategies for overcoming the hurdles of life… to Success!

Very few have shared their secrets and training and made them available to the masses until now…

groundbreaking training program will give you the tools and action steps to
Find ~ Get ~ Stay… In The Zone!

Find: Identifying the hurdles in your life and what’s holding you back from success.

Get: Develop your strengths, direction and purpose.

Stay: Start your customized action plan needed to maintain your level of success and focus!

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What’s it like to be in the zone? All the pieces fall together effortlessly. Time slows down. Everything is in sync. You can’t miss. Nothing distracts you. You have heighted awareness. You feel at your peak and you perform at your best. Someone who performs in the zone has spent countless hours practicing and thinking about all those pieces that seem to fit miraculously together in the heat of competition. Using the metaphor of hurdling from his own medal-winning Olympic experiences, Mark Crear shows readers that, with discipline, you can stay in the zone and overcome the obstacles that block your success.

About Mark Crear

Dr. Mark Crear is not only a Two-Time Olympic Champion, motivational speaker, life and business coach, ordained minister, faith based counselor & published author; he also has a resolute sense of faith and purpose. Scaling high hurdles and jumping through life’s hoops are second nature to Mark, who first captured attention by winning the 1996 Olympic Silver Medal with a broken arm and then winning the 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal with a double hernia (110M High Hurdles Track & Field). Mark’s unique way of using his Olympic experience as a hurdler to illustrate how to overcome hurdles and Stay in the Zone is encouraging, motivating, educational and applicable.   More info…



Mark Crear has spoken for various companies, academic institutions, sports organizations, sales teams and non-profit ministries. Whether you’re looking for a leadership coach to enhance your group’s skills, or just want an inspirational keynote speaker to kick off your meeting, Mark will ensure all participants have a great time while acquiring tools that will further develop their personal and professional lives.

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